What is the characteristics of this Nanjing epidemic? Is there any association with Zhangjiajie’s epidemic? Experts detailed

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What is the characteristics of this Nanjing epidemic? Is there any association with Zhangjiajie’s epidemic? Experts detailed

People’s Network Beijing July 31 (Zhang Wenting) Recently, there were local gathered epidemic in Nanjing, and there were many associated cases in the country.

For this epidemic, what is different from the past, infects the treatment of severe patients in Delta variant strains, and the public is very concerned.

In response to the above, the national health and health committee of the Ministry of Health, He Qinghua, the national health and health committee medical administration, Guo Yanhong, the Chinese CDC, Feng Zijian, Feng Zijian, held at the Press Conference organized by the State Council. Detailed interpretation.

The Nanjing epidemic presenting three characteristics of the Nanjing epidemic and different places in the past: First, the input of Delta variably strains.

He Qinghua said that Delta variabrated virus is high, strong communication ability, fast communication, long turnover time.

Second, time is more special, currently in the summer vacation, tourist resort scenic spots gather. The third is the place where the population is intensive and has a relatively large international airport.

He Qinghua has concluded, based on the above three characteristics, Nanjing epidemic has spread to other cities or provinces in the province, and there will continue to proliferate to other regions in the short term.

According to him, after the epidemic situation, the National Health and Health Committee, the National Center for Disease Control, conscientiously implemented the Decision-making deployment of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, and sent a working group to Jiangsu, Hunan to dispose of the epidemic, and the current epidemic treatment is powerful. Advance forward in an orderly manner. Initially judged that Zhangjiajie’s first case and the epidemic of Nanjing Lukou Airport is also one of the issues that are very concerned about the public. In this regard, Feng Zijian said that the first case of Zhangjiajie was related to the epidemic of Nanjing Lukou Airport, and the cases of Zhangjiajie, Hunan, were infected with tourist attractions and large performance activities, resulting in further transmission, so that Zhangjiajie became a focus on the near future infection and the number of people infection and communication. Feng Zijian mentioned that due to the spread of the dissemination of many places in the crowd and the flow of flowers, the risk of spreading is high, and the difficulty is also large. In addition to adopting strong epidemic management and control integrated measures in Nanjing and Zhangjiajie, a series of controlled measures such as large-scale investigation tracking involving two sources involving two sites were also emerged.

Delta variant virus infectivity and strong communication ability, faster communication, and demands from all over the country to investigate and rapidly carry out the second place, and the virus spread. To this end, Feng Zijian reminded the public that people who have reached the two places should actively cooperate with the investigation operations of local communities, consciously report on the information, actively cooperate with nucleic acid screening test, medical observation, etc., only this It can quickly block the further spread of the virus.

Nanjing severe patients were infected with Delta variant, and the severe cases of Nanjing have increased to 9 cases.

According to Guo Yanhong, the above severe patients presented the following four features: First, all patients infected are Delta variant strains; the second is that the patient is in the early stage of the disease, the symptoms are not particularly typical; third is very fast, go to the severe disease The average period of five days; fourth is that most of these severe patients have basic diseases, with respiratory diseases such as asthma, bronchial expansion, or diabetes, hypertension, and some patients have two basis. Disease, this is a critical risk factor.

Guo Yanhong said that at present, the treatment of all patients with severe patients is very active, effective, and the condition is relatively smooth.

At the same time, Jiangsu Province and Nanjing also reserves follow-up medical treatment forces, and can be put into patient diagnosis and treatment.