Xi Jinping’s main point of speech at the opening ceremony of the 8th ministerial meeting of the China-Non Cooperation Forum (full text)

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Xi Jinping’s main point of speech at the opening ceremony of the 8th ministerial meeting of the China-Non Cooperation Forum (full text)

  On November 29th, the President Xi Jinping attended the opening ceremony of the eighth ministerial meeting of the China-Non-Cooperative Forum in Beijing in Beijing and issued the title "Tongzhou Tongji, the Supreme Come, and Engineering the Community of Non-fate Community". Xinhua News Agency, Huang Jingwen, Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 29th, Tongzhou, January 29, continued to open, and built a new era of non-fate community – the main point of view at the opening ceremony of the eighth ministerial meeting of the China-Non Cooperation Forum (November 2021 29th, President Xi Jinping, the respect of President Saler, respectful colleagues, guests, friends: I am very happy to attend the opening ceremony of the eighth ministerial meeting of the China-Non-cooperative forum. First of all, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the President Sale and the Senegal Government for carefully prepare for this meeting! Attend a meeting with colleagues and guests, expressing warm welcome! This year is the 65th anniversary of China and African relations.

In the past 65 years, between China-African parties have a uncomfortable brother friendship in the struggle of anti-imperialism. In the journey of developing revitalization, the road to distinguishing the distinctive cooperation is written in a complicated modal conservation. In order to build a new international relationship, it established a glorious model. friends! Why is the middle non-relationship? Why is China and African friendship? The key is that China-African parties have created a long-term cultural and friendly cooperative spirit, that is, "sincere friendship, equal treatment, mutual benefit, common development, hosting fair, defending justice, compliance, opening up). This is a true portrayal of China-fiscal two men and decades.

  This year is the 50th anniversary of China’s legal seats in China.

Here, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the majority of African friends who support China! I would like to have reaffirmed that China will never forget the affectionate and friendship of African countries, will continue to adhere to the real-life concept and correct emoticity, and the African friend, let the China-African friendly cooperation will be passed down, carry forward light.

  friends! I put forward the constructing more closely-non-fate community at the 2018 China-Non Cooperation Forum Beijing Summit, which got unanimously agreed with non-leaders. More than 3 years, China-African parties should be handed on by hand, fully promote the results of the summit "eight major actions", completed a large number of key cooperation projects, China-non-trade volume and China’s investment in Africa rose steadily, almost all forums non-member It has joined the construction of "One Belt All Road" cooperation, and strong power is injected into the medium-sized comprehensive strategic partnership.

  A thousand miles begins with a single step. I am willing to ask 4 points of advocacy at the historical starting point of the new era of non-fate community.

  First, adhere to the solidarization of the anti-vlasty. We must adhere to the people’s supreme, life first, carry forward the scientific spirit, support the immunity of vaccine, and effectively protect the availability and aggressiveness of vaccines in Africa, bridge "immune divide".

  Second, deepen pragmatism cooperation. We must create a new situation in China and non-cooperation, expand the scale of trade and investment, share reduction of poverty reduction, strengthen digital economic cooperation, and promote the development of African young entrepreneurship and SMEs. I am welcoming African countries with a high degree of African countries with the African National Sustainable Development Agenda and the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda for the United Nations.

  Third, promote green development.

In the face of the major challenge of climate change, we must advocate green low-carbon concepts, actively develop renewable energy such as solar energy, wind energy, and promote the effective implementation of climate change "Paris Agreement" and continuously enhance sustainable development. Fourth, maintain fairness justice.

The world needs real multilateralism.

Peace, development, fairness, justice, democracy, freedom is the common value of all human beings, is a common goal of the middle and non-bilateral parties.

We all advocate the development path that meets its own national conditions, is committed to maintaining the rights and interests of developing countries, opposing interference in internal affairs, racial discrimination, single sanctions. We must be straightforward to persist in the justice proposition of developing countries, and transform our common appeal and common interests into joint action. friends! Before the meeting, China-US parties jointly developed "China-Non Cooperation 2035 Vision". As the first three-year plan for vision, China will work closely with African countries to implement "nine projects". One is the health work engineering. In order to achieve the goal of the 2022, 60% of the African population vaccinated the new crown vaccine, I will announce that China will provide a 1 billion vaccine to the non-side, of which 600 million is unpaid, 400 million people with Chinese companies and related Africa National joint production and other means.

China will also assist African countries to implement 10 medical and health projects, send 1500 medical team members and public health experts to Africa.

  The second is to reduce poverty benefits.

China will implement 10 poverty and agricultural projects to Africa, send 500 agricultural experts to Africa, set up a group of China-non-modern agricultural technology exchange demonstrations and training joint centers to encourage Chinese institutions and companies in African construction in African agriculture Development and poverty reduction demonstration villages, support the "100 Enterprise Thousand Villages" activities in non-Chinese Corporate Social Responsibility Alliance. The third is the trade promotion project.

China will establish "green channel" for African agricultural products, accelerate the promotion of quarantine access procedures, further expand the product range of the least developed countries to transfer to China, and strive to reach 300 billion imports from African imports in the next three years. Dollar. China will provide a $ 10 billion trade financing quota, which is used to support Africa exports, in China’s construction, non-economic and trade depth cooperation, and "all along the way" in non-cooperative industrial park.

China will implement 10 facility Unicom projects for Africa, and establish a Central African Economic Cooperative Expert Group with the Secretariat of the African Architecture, continue to support the construction of free trade zones in African continent.

  The fourth is the investment drive project. China will drive companies in the next three years, the total investment in Africa is not less than 10 billion US dollars, and set up "China-non-private investment promotion platform". China will implement 10 industrialization and employment promotion projects for Africa, providing African financial institutions with $ 10 billion credit lines, focusing on the development of African SMEs, setting up China – African Cross-border RMB.

China will exempt from the least developed countries in Africa as at the end of 2021.

China is willing to take 100 billion US dollars from the special withdrawal rights issued by the International Monetary Fund to the African countries.

  Fifth is a digital innovation project.

China will implement 10 digital economic projects for Africa, build a central non-satellite remote sensing application cooperation center, support the construction of China-Africa Laboratory, Partner, and Science and Technology Innovation Cooperative Base.

China will cooperate with African countries to expand "Silk E-commerce" to organize African Good Books and Tourism and E-commerce Promotional activities, implement African "Bai stores on the platform" action. Sixth is the green development project.

China will implement 10 green environmental protection and respond to climate change projects for Africa to support the construction of "African Green Great Wall", in Africa to build low-carbon demonstration zones and adapt to climate change demonstration zones.

  Seven is the capacity building project. China will assist Africa to help new or upgrade 10 schools, inviting 10,000 African high-end talents to participate in training seminars.

Implement the "Future Africa – China-Non Vocational Education Cooperation Program" to carry out the "Employment of African Students". China will continue to establish "Luban Workshops" with African countries, encouraging non-Chinese companies to provide no less than 800,000 jobs for the local area. Eight is a human communication project. China is willing to support all African Ministry of Industry and the Become of China has become a foreign country of China’s citizen group. At China, the African Film Festival was held in Africa. Hold the Medium – African Youth Service Forum and China-African Women’s Forum. Nine is the peace safety project.

China will implement 10 peace and security fields for Africa to continue to implement the security and anti-terrorism efforts of non-alliance military assistance, support African countries to maintain regional safety and counter-terrorism efforts, and carry out the joint training, on-site training, lightweight arms management cooperation in China – Non-peacekeeping force.

  friends! Sange, the founding President Senegal, has written it, "Let’s report to the new world.

"I believe that under the joint efforts of China-Non-Party, this Central African Cooperation Forum will be able to achieve a complete success, condense the magnificent power of the middle and non-270 million people, and promote the construction of high-level non-fate communities.

  thank you all.