Xiamen launched a new employment college student within 5 years of 5,000 yuan eligibility application to help young groups

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Xiamen launched a new employment college student within 5 years of 5,000 yuan eligibility application to help young groups

People’s Network Xiamen December 9th (Chen Bo) 9th, Xiamen City Housing Security and Housing Authority ("Xiamen City Housing Bureau") held a press conference, published "new employment college students and other youth group 5 years 5 years The Housing Rita policy will start the qualification application on December 10. The housing is one of the most important people’s livelihood. Xiamen is a new citizen who has been inflowing into the city, with a new citizen who is the main body of young groups such as new employment college students.

In response to the transitional residential demand within 5 years of employment, Xiamen, Xiamen, has introduced the housing security policy of "5% in 5 years", which provides support for the city, leaving talents, gathering, and "two high two "City construction stronger" provides guarantees.

It is reported that the guarantee of the policy is not limited to the new graduation college students, 30 years of age (including), full-time undergraduate (including) or above, the first time after January 1 this year, college students can benefit; through various districts (Contracting Committee) 30 years of age (including) or less, non-full-time undergraduate degree, technical backbone personnel can be referred to the implementation.

Applicants who came to Xiamen employment should be provided after 1 year (including) of the city’s employment period for 1 year (including) after January 1 this year; applicants who come to Xiamen self-employment should be provided after January 1 this year. The city’s business license, office space lease contract and other materials.

The applicant’s first payment of social security in Xiamen must be held in the city within 6 months after the date of submission of guarantee qualifications. 3 months.

At the same time, the applicant and their spouses must have no self-housing in Xiamen, or with their parents.

The policy implements "physical rent" and "rent subsidies" guarantees, and protects objects must not enjoy two guarantees.

Among them, the standard for rent subsidy is Siming District, and the Huli District is 8,000 yuan per year, Jimei District, Haishu District each year 6,000 yuan per year, Tong’an District, Xiang’an District per year 5,000 yuan per year. The policy guarantee period is 5 years, and the self-protection subject will be calculated on the day of the guarantee.

According to reports, the policy application platform will be open on December 10, the Xiamen City Housing Bureau integrated with government information large data sharing, full line, paperless approval, and implement fingertips.

Eligible applicants can log in to "Xiamen City Housing Security and Housing Management" WeChat public account, you can also log in to "I Xiamen" App Submit application. After the application is accepted, 5 working days are reviewed, 5 working days are publicized, and qualified personnel can apply for rent subsidies or physical rent according to the batch.

The first batch of rent subsidies is from December 25th to 31st, and the batch is set up in the quarter, and "sporadic acceptance, centralized auditing, and according to the batch."

All districts (management committees) will issue subsidies to the Social Security Card Financial Account for the Social Security Card.

In the case of the source, the relevant departments will launch a batch application plan for a timely manner, and the physical rental is mainly based on the rental alone or one room type.

It should be noted that after 5 years of 50% in the 5-fold housing, you should set the time to the system to fill the information. For the first time in Xiamen signed a labor contract or a business license, the personnel who did not propose for the application will not be possible to apply for policy benefits.

Applying for the policy qualification before March 31, 2022, the first time in Xiamen signed a labor contract or a business license can be relaxed to January 1 this year.

At present, Xiamen is building a "three-bedroom" guarantee system with public rental housing, affordable rental housing, and a total of property rights, classification, and the housing security of various people, truly let the masses have to live, affordable, Live. "The person in charge of the Xiamen Municipal Housing Bureau said, the next step, the bureau will further broaden the channels of raising rooms, enhance the housing service guarantee effect, and go all out to do a good job in housing security for youth group. (Editor: Lin Dongxiao, Zhang Zijian) Sharing let more people see client downloads.