Shandong Unicom won the achievements in the 4th "Bloom Cup" 5G application innovation competition

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Shandong Unicom won the achievements in the 4th "Bloom Cup" 5G application innovation competition

"Bloom Cup" is hosted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China Information and Communications Research Institute jointly 5G application industrial formar, IMT-2020 (5G) promotion group, China Communications Standardization Association and BRIC Subcommittee It is intended to implement the Decision-making deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, and promote 5G applications, and further promote the integration and scale development of 5G and industries. The 4th "Bloom Cup" competition in 2021 began to register in July, received 12,281 major operators, related companies, and governments. After the selection of the regional competition and the special selection, the selection of the national competition layers, lasting more than 4 months, the final 48 projects were finalized to the national finals. Shandong Unicom registered 109 projects in this session, the number increased by 2 times higher than the previous year. After careful preparation, in the group’s special match, Shandong Unicom’s 39 projects received group-level awards, 10 projects entered the finals. After the competition final, 7 projects entered the national competition. In 12 groups in the completion, only the top 4 in the first group can enter the finals to compete for the first prize, and the competition is extremely fierce. In order to stand out in the resort, Shandong Unicom is carefully organized, actively preparing for the war, inviting the experts of Xinxintong, and the group experts in the game, and organized 4 centralized simulation drills.

The team teams work together, carefully grind, revised the materials, improve the programs, practice roadshows, and strive to be perfect. In the end, "Smart Mountain", "Smart Taishan" two projects broke into the finals. In the finals, the contestants have excellent performance, with an infectious road show, innovative programs and professional defense, and obtain a prize and second prize separately.

Next, Shandong Unicom will take the opportunity of this session, in-depth implementation of the Group’s 5G application "Sail" action plan, play the demonstration role of the winning project, focus on key industries, strengthen 5G applications, and increase the replication promotion of 5G projects , Help the company’s 5G application development in the country "go before".

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