The summer grain in our country has entered a mature season of southwestern wheat area.

2022-05-11 0 Comments

The summer grain in our country has entered a mature season of southwestern wheat area.

  CCTV News: Summer grain is the first season of all-year food production, and the output exceeds 1/5 of the annual food production. In the early summer, the summer grain in my country has entered the maturity period.

As the earliest ripe wheat area of ??summer grain, the southwestern wheat area won the harvest. Southwestern wheat area includes Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou, Chongqing, four provinces and cities, summer grain area account for 12% of national summer grain. At present, summer grain harvest in southwestern wheat areas has been fully launched. I heard that my own wheat played the high output of kilograms per mu, and the old crops were completely convinced with the science and technology. The plots of strong roads are in the hillside of hills, and the output is not going.

Last year, he tried to plant the latest varieties of the main push of the Mianyang Agricultural Sciences, did not expect to be big. It not only used the new variety, the management method of the agricultural department, but also subverted the traditional experience of more than 30 years of strong roadmaking.

During the prevention and control of the epidemic, experts did not intermittently on his remote video guidance. The secret of high-yielding is hidden in this "a tube" good breed.

This year, Sichuan Province has a small area of ??9 million mu. In order to make the "Baipong" of the Hilly Mountain area, the "fighting land" is high yield, Sichuan, built system, promotes the green high quality and efficient creation of wheat. The latest farming dispatch shows that my country’s southwest wheat areas have been harvested.

Due to the field management in place, timely disaster prevention and mitigation, Sichuan Wheat has increased its subscription; Yunnan, Guizhou and other real estate volumes also show that wheat yield is expected to be higher than the previous year.