The two days of pet commemorative economy: custom souvenir online inquiry funeral service line

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The two days of pet commemorative economy: custom souvenir online inquiry funeral service line

Pet felt products On August 12th, Ms. Liu, Chengdu, sent a circle that only visible, that day, is the 5th day of her pet dog.She cited a wooden necklace in the e-commerce platform, with pet hair.

"When you think about it, you can touch the necklace, just like it is still around.

"This wood design souvenir price is not cheap," a price of more than 400 yuan ". In the past two years, the hot pet service consumption has spawned the design customization of pet souvenirs, as well as the market segmentation in the pet bid.

"2020 Chinese Pet Industry White Paper" (consumption report) shows that in 2020, the number of dog cats in China has exceeded 100 million, and the scale of consumer market reached 206.5 billion yuan.

At the same time, China’s urban per capita single pet year consumption reached 51,72 yuan.

In the pet commemorative economic, it is not a blue sea. In the past few days, Chengdu Business News – Red Star Journalist Dialogue Multi-industry insiders found that online pet souvenirs customized industry is more fire, while the line is born in the area, the current market penetration is lower.

At the same time, most of this field exist in the form of individual households, including the industry faucets, including the Bai Net, are not involved in this area.

"Industry still has to standardize" is the industry consensus. Pet Customized Souvenir Walking "Industry is in short supply, the most busy time list has been ranked after two or three months" Pet souvenir has a "multiple fire? In an e-commerce platform, the reporter search "Pet Souvenir" is a keyword search, a total of over 10,000 related products, the search results include custom pet necklace, pendant, ornaments, oil painting, wool felts.

The most expensive is customized for diamonds and lasm, and the price is not equal to tens of thousands of yuan. The highest sales volume is a pet commemorative brand, and the transaction volume is over 120,000 pieces.

The Royal Sister House Felt Craft Store Shop is 8 years in this line. "Many people see that our stores will have misunderstandings. It is considered that only pets will only come to customize products. In fact, many petists have regarded their pets as a family, these stereo frames are just ordinary home ornaments and custom souvenirs. "Condon is from Sichuan Yibin, the main business of the store is to customize the stereo pet photo frame in the form of wool felt. She thinks this is a subdivision that the pet economy is extended.

"Although it is manual, but start, it is not willing to be a manual payment.

"I really let her cut into the" pet track ", and if one day, a pet is looking for the door, telling her that his pet is passed away, I hope to customize a wool felt jewelry as a commemoration. Since then, Kangqin insisted Wool felt phase box customization service has been 8 years. Condon said that this industry is boring, long, and a product has been communicated from the beginning to the production, the fastest three or four weeks.

"These factors do not affect it is a fact that there is a huge demand industry.

"As far as her own shop," the most busy time is ranked for two or three months, it is a state of supply. "Pet funeral is cold" price competition plus service competition, the market will become very cruel "as another wing of the pet commemorative economy, in contrast, the offline pets will be partially cleared.

The founder of the Founder of the Stars is in this line.

In 2019, two people transformed a farmhouse in the Xinshu District to a pet to send a homeland to a pet to send a pet to send a pet to the pet.

Zhong Chao said that when you started to operate, companies engaged in pet funeral services in Chengdu did not exceed 5.

But now, according to incomplete statistics, this number has become about 20, "It seems that everyone thinks this is an industry style.

"He believes that pet funeral services belong to the offline service industry and has pre-conditions – ie pet death.

A city pet guarantee is limited, and the area range coverage of online service is also limited.

Geological bottleneck, quantity bottleneck, plus not just need, so single-line delivery, the merchant "difficult".

"The changes in the petitioners, the price competition plus service competition, slowly enter the market phase-out mechanism, the market will become very cruel." These two years, he saw that there is constant business to close, but still have a bureau .

About pet funeral services, another industry insider believes that the current domestic pet funeral industry has formed a service process, but restricting the development of pets to send home development, and is the lack of support for pet fire and pet cemetery. On the other hand, because pet funeral services usually involve various departments such as civil affairs, environmental protection, and forestry, the classification is difficult, and there is no department that can be supervised by the business, but also because of the lack of unified management and norms. Larger, pet funeral service level, the level of work is also uneven. How do industry experts look at the pet commemorative economy? "The domestic pet industry is still in the early stages of the development" reporter observed that the merchants in the Pets to commemorate economic tracks, but most of them are mainly based on individuals. The reporter calls, including the e-commerce platform. The head businesses in the Panda Turtle and Panda, which are said that there is no pet souvenir design custom or bid to service.

"At present, there is about 10% of domestic nourishing pets, compared with 60% to 70% of developed countries, there is a big gap." Zhang Yongbing, secretary general of the Sichuan Pet Association, believes that China’s population base is large, Plus consumption levels increase, in the next 10 years, pet industries may continue to maintain rapid growth. "At present, the domestic pet industry is still in the early stages of development, although there is basically formulated, but there are still many fields to explore." He took the pet funeral industry as an example, expressed in accordance with relevant policies, death, pets must be harmlessly treated, Entrusted the harmless processing field for processing, and must not be buried or free to abandon the pet bodies freely.

However, due to various reasons, there is currently a lack of relevant laws and regulations, such as there is no special pet tomb in China.

"It is equally important to cultivate the awareness of pets.

"He said, although Chengdu has currently owns 4 legal compliance, harmless treatment centers, specializes in providing pet-harmless treatment services for raising pets," but not every business is very hot. " "From the online souvenir industry, he believes that it is not hot, but an industry development trend." Overall, there are some disputes in the pet commemorative economy, but the exploration is still going on. ".